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Arkimet is a set of tools to organize, archive and distribute data files. It currently supports data in GRIB, BUFR, HDF5 and VM2 formats.

Arkimet manages a set of datasets, each of which contains omogeneous data. It exploits the commonalities between the data in a dataset to implement a fast, powerful and space-efficient indexing system.
When data is ingested into arkimet, it is scanned and annotated with metadata, such as reference time and product information, then it is dispatched to one of the datasets configured in the system.
Datasets can be queried with a comprehensive query language, both locally and over the network using an HTTP-based protocol.
Old data can be archived using an automatic maintenance procedure, and archives can be taken offline and back online at will. A summary of offline data is kept online, so that arkimet is able to report that more data for a query would be available but is currently offline.

Arkimet is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.


For download and more informations please see:

Free software with contribute of Arpa-SIM

Anno pubblicazione: 2008

Materia: Meteo e clima

Nodi: Servizio Idro-Meteo-Clima

Tipologia: Tecnico/istituzionali