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FUMAPEX project (Integrated Systems for Forecasting Urban Meteorology, Air Pollution and Population Exposure, Nov 2002 - Oct 2005)
Final Project Scientific Report


Most of major European conurbations experience severe short-term pollution episodes that are harmful to the environment and human health. The European Environment Agency evaluated that more than 40 million people, living in 115 major urban areas in Europe, are exposed to pollutant levels that exceed the reference levels stated by the World Health Organisation. EU Air Quality Directives and national regulatory legislation were introduced to abate these adverse effects. In order to diminish or prevent critical concentration levels, abatement action should be planned, at least, one-two days in advance. Often no effective action can be imposed because there are no or only inadequate forecasting models exist. In some European cities, early warning systems like Urban Air Quality Information and Forecasting System (UAQIFS) are already employed. They need to be improved, verified, supplemented by meteorological prediction and population exposure models, and then implemented more widely in Europe for providing better protection of human health and environment in cities and urbanised regions with ever-increasing population.


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Anno pubblicazione: 2005

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