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Use of Lokal Modell for the meteorological input of Chimere (1st Chimere Workshop-21-22 March 2005, Palaiseau, France)



  • Use Lokal Modell(our operational meteorological model) as input for Chimere
  • Analysis (and, wherever possible, verification) of LM outputs relevant for this application
  • Tuning Chimereimplementation for simulations over Northern Italy

Summary:(work in progress)

  • LM and how we plan to use it
  • LM verification (how LM errors will impact on Chimere performance?)
  • PM underestimation: testing erosion/resuspensionscheme (analysis of Qsoiland U*)
    1. -Choice of operational time-step
    2. -New scheme for nucleation routine

Future work/Open questions

  • Looking for advices…

Enrico Minguzzi, Giovanni Bonafè, Marco Deserti, Suzanne Jongen, Michele Stortini

Anno riferimento: 2005

Numero pagine: 28
Anno pubblicazione: 2005

Materia: Aria

Nodi: Struttura Idro-Meteo-Clima

Tipologia: Tecnico/istituzionali