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DB-All.e can import observations from various sources into a unique, high-level, physically-based data model (lon, lat, time, level, parameter, etc.), where they can be manipulated at will and exported back to BUFR or CREX messages. In order to take advantage of the full capabilities of DB-All.e, the availability of a relational database, such as MySQL or sqlite, is required, however many elementary operations, namely the operations that process one message at a time, can be performed on data in plain files, thus not requiring to setup a database and link with a database library.

  • It uses the Wreport library for BUFR and CREX encoding and decoding.
  • It has a GUI for quickly navigating into observation datasets.
  • It can import data from other formats, such as Binary COSMO AOF (ro) and Text with predefined csv structure (rw).
  • It understands BUFR with different templates (e.g. those from MARS at ECMWF and some of the new WMO GTS templates).
  • Using command line tools it can convert from those formats and write BUFR in WMO/GTS template.
  • It can be interfaced to different database architectures for DB operations, e.g. MySQL, Sqlite, Oracle.
  • It has a Fortran interface.


For download and more informations please see:

Free software with contribute of Arpa-SIM

Anno pubblicazione: 2007

Materia: Meteo e clima

Nodi: Servizio Idro-Meteo-Clima

Tipologia: Tecnico/istituzionali