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Validation of the meteorological input for air quality simulations in Northern Italy (European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2006 Vienna, 02 - 07 April 2006)


This work investigate the operational building of the meteorological input for a CTM (Chimere) starting form the outputs of a LAM (Lokal Modell - LM). Some crucial parameters are selected, namely boundary layer height, friction velocity, Obukov length, cloud water and soil humidity; 1-year values from LM are analysed and compared with available observations (from measuring campaigns and operational measurements) and with estimates made with parametric schemes; finally, the sensitivity of Chimere is evaluated, and its overall performance is verified against surface air quality observations.

G. Bonafe´, M. Deserti, S. Jongen, E. Minguzzi, M. Stortini

Numero pagine: 24
Anno pubblicazione: 2006

Materia: Aria

Nodi: Struttura Idro-Meteo-Clima

Tipologia: Tecnico/istituzionali