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SimInAria : Modeling in the coastal zone with unstructured grids

18 Novembre 2015 10:00, Bologna - Viale Silvani 6, piano terra, Sala 1

Georg Umgiesser (CNR-ISMAR) will present the modeling framework SHYFEM. SHYFEM is a comprehensive modeling framework on the coastal scale and in marginal seas. It consists in a hydrodynamic core and various modules that compute sediment transport, wave parameters and water residence time. Other modules include ecological models and lagrangian particle tracking.

The unstructured grid allows for a detailed representation of coastal processes without the necessity of nesting. Applications are presented that show the potential advantages of the method. The applications range from modeling in lagoons to storm surge forecasting in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.


Nodi organizzatori: Struttura Idro-Meteo-Clima

Tipologia: > Siminaria

Interesse: Regionale