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SimInAria : COSMO-LEPS applications in the energy sector

15 dicembre 2015 14:00, Bologna - Viale Silvani 6, 6° piano, sala riunioni stanza 632 (ex sala rossa)

Isla Finney (Director of Lake Street Consulting), will present the potential of ensemble forecasts in the energy market.
Traditionally temperature forecasts were the main input into energy sector demand models, and global numerical weather prediction models were sufficient to capture large scale temperature shifts.  With the growth of wind and solar generation in Italy (and across Europe) then wind speed/direction and solar radiation forecasts are of increasing importance to the energy sector.  Global numerical weather models perform less well for renewables, yet ensembles are very useful in ascertaining sensitivities within the energy system.  Many LAM are run only out to 2 days in deterministic mode, whereas COSMO-LEPS, with its ensemble formation run out to 132h, is ideal for the energy sector.  This seminar will give a background on how weather forecasts are used in the energy sector, then look at the advantages COSMO-LEPS can offer.


Nodi organizzatori: Struttura Idro-Meteo-Clima

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