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The Regional Center for Environmental Carcinogenesis and Risk Assessment aims at evaluating the impact of contaminants and environmental stressors on human health, with an emphasis on tumor onset and progression, at identifying the gene-environment relationships, and at providing scientific support for REACH regulation.

To achieve these goals, the Center is organized into two research areas:  the area of  experimental toxicology, which is located in the laboratory of Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis and Anticarcinogenesis, and the area of toxicogenomics in the advanced biotechnology laboratory MATER.   In addition to its own internal research focus, the Center fosters cooperative research projects with academic and other scientific institutions, especially with the University of Bologna, where the MCA lab is located, at the Department of Experimental Pathology, Section for Cancer Research, and where a specific research program is conducted to develop and validate predictive models for cancer risk assessment.