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Bathing water profiles

Bathing waters profiles represent an identity card of the individual waters, based on knowledge of the area and the pressures that insist on the coast.The knowledge of territory and pressures on the coastal zone, infact, is essential. Areas are identified on the basis of the characteristics of their profile. Existing bathing waters can be grouped if they are contiguous and have similar profiles.

The profiles of single bathing waters, according to the law, shall include:

  • a description of the physical, geographical and hydrological characteristics of the bathing water, and of other surface waters in the catchment area of the bathing water concerned, that could be a source of pollution;
  • an identification and assessment of causes of pollution that might affect bathing waters and impair bathers´ health;
  • an assessment of the potential for proliferation of cyanobacteria;
  • an assessment of the potential for proliferation of macro-algae and/or phytoplankton;
  • the location of the monitoring point.

if the assessment of pressures shows that there is a risk of short-term pollution, the following information shall be given:

  • the anticipated nature, frequency and duration of expected short-term pollution,
  • details of any remaining causes of pollution, including management measures taken and the time schedule for their elimination,
  • management measures taken during short-term pollution and the identity and contact details of bodies responsible for taking such action.

The review of bathing water profiles shall undergo a defined time-table, depending on the classification of the bathing areas. In particular, if the bathing waters are "excellent", profiles shall be reviewed only if the classification becomes "good", "sufficient" or "poor". In any other case, the profile is to be reviewed regularly, with at least the frequency specified as follows:

  • at least every 4 years if bathing water is classified as "good"
  • at least every 3 years if bathing water is classified as "sufficient"
  • at least every 2 years if bathing water is classified as "poor"

The bathing water profiles are available and can be downloaded from the Bathing water portal of the Ministry of Health (Portale Acque), selecting Municipality and then the bathing water.


The activities for the definition of bathing water profiles in Emilia-Romagna were coordinated by Arpae Technical Direction, in close agreement with the Water Resource Restoration and Protection Service and the Public Health Service of the Emilia-Romagna Region, with the assistance of Arpae departments of Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini, the Hydro-Weather-Climate Service, the Oceanographic structure “Daphne” and with the help of Public Health Departments.