The heat waves forecast service available from May 13th

The heat wave forecasting service is active from 13 May to 13 September 2019

The heat wave forecast service is available from Monday 13 of May 2019 and will continue throughout the summer period, until September 13.

The forecast system of bioclimatic distress allows, 72 hours in advance, to predict the arrival of any heat waves.

On the basis of the reports prepared daily by Arpae Emilia-Romagna, the health services of the region activate the essential procedures to guarantee an adequate response in hospitals and the provision of home services to the most vulnerable and at risk groups. For each province, different forecasts are available for urban areas, flat lands, hills and mountainous areas (if present).

The forecasts, disseminated through the heat risk website, concern the entire regional territory and are carried out every day, from May to September, including Saturday and Sunday. See also the regional intervention guidelines to mitigate the impact of any heat waves.

The website also contains useful tips for dealing with hot summer days, health information and documentation, summary statistics and historical data relating to the bioclimatic hardship of past years (from 2001 to 2018).

The system of alert and forecast of heat waves, in our region, is active since 2004 and involves the Regional Health Service, Arpae, the Municipalities and regional voluntary associations.

Emilia-Romagna Region provides specific guidelines every year to mitigate the effects of heat waves on people who are more fragile and at risk of complications. The actions mainly include a support and assistance network, which includes Municipalities and Local Health Authorities with voluntary and third sector associations. Information campaigns, the activation of toll-free numbers and the organization of assistance services of various kinds complete the actions to limit discomfort.

Arpae forecasting system also feeds the national alarm forecasting system activated every year, from June to September, by the Ministry of Health, with the technical-scientific support of the Department of Epidemiology of the SRG of Lazio Region, the Department of protection civil. Go to the national bulletin

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