Bathing water's quality

The management of bathing in order to protect the health of bathers is entrusted to the Department of Health policy of Emilia-Romagna Region, which is supported by:

  • involved municipalities;
  • local Departments of Public Health, that work in support of the local health Authority (Mayor);
  • Arpae Emilia-Romagna, that carries out water monitoring (sampling and analysis) and web information management.

The Region then reports to the Ministry of Health.

Arpae Emilia-Romagna manages monitoring activities aimed at defining the quality of bathing water to protect the health of bathers.

In particular, Arpae, during the bathing season:

  • carries out microbiological monitoring required by law;
  • carries out the analysis required by law, through the Lab of Oceanographic Structure "Daphne" of Arpae in Cesenatico;
  • transmits the analytical results to Health Authorities (AUSL), which must, in case of non-compliance, advance to the Mayor the proposal of bathing prohibition;
  • ensures, through the website, dissemination of analytical results through the timely updating of the dynamic map on the homepage;
  • ensures, through the website, information to the public about the health risk of bathing connected to the outcome of the monitoring activitiy and to local problematic situations, The latter are addressed by the adoption of management measures by the competent authorities. Arpae integrates the information spread by municipalities, which is responsible in particular of the management of the signs to be affixed in the immediate vicinity of each bathing water;
  • interfaces with the Water Portal of the Ministry of Health to ensure a coordinated and timely information to the public. 

Furthermore, Arpae:

  • Provides technical support to Local Authorities for the management of bathing waters;
  • spreads information through the publication of thematic reports, organization and / or participation in thematic meetings, articles on the local press.
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