Esempi di iniziative per l´economia circolare

Esempi di iniziative esistenti che misurano o che sono rilevanti per l´economia circolare

Livello macroeconomico - inizative UE

EU Monitoring Framework for the Circular Economy (2018)

10 indicators grouped according to the four stages of circular economy: production and consumption, waste management, secondary raw materials and competitiveness and innovation. It shows progress towards circular economy in the EU and its Member States.

EU Resource Efficiency Scoreboard (2013)

Set of resource efficiency indicators including a lead indicator on resources, dashboard indicators on materials, land, water and carbon, and theme-specific indicators. It shows progress towards resource efficiency in the EU and its Member States.

Raw Materials Scoreboard (2016)

Set of indicators linked to the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials, which provides EU quantitative data on the EIP’s general objectives and on the raw materials in the context of EU policy.

Livello macroeconomico - iniziative Nazionali

China Circular Economy Indicator System (2017)

China’s national indicator system is based on material flow accounting including 17 specific indicators across three domains.

France key indicators for monitoring the Circular Economy (2017)

10 indicators monitoring the circularity of France economy, covering the seven pillars of the circular economy. It includes EU comparison.

Netherlands Circular Economy Monitoring System (2018)

This report (Dutch only) proposes 21 indicators to measure circularity in the Netherlands. It includes EU comparison.

Indicators used in Japan 3rdFundamental Plan for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society (2013)

Indicators based on dimensions of material flow in the economy (input, circulation and output) with a focus on stock of materials.

Germany Resource Efficiency Programme (ProgRess II) (2016)

German initiative started in 2012 to support the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources. Since 2016 uses total raw material productivity as a headline indicator.

Livello macroeconomico - iniziative privati

Cotec Evaluation of Circular Economy in Spain (2017)

20 indicators to assess circularity. Framework applied to Spain compared to other countries.

Circularity Gap Report (2018)

Global Circularity Metric based on the percentage of cyclical use of materials is proposed as a single measure of circular economy. 

Company activity and product focused – iniziative private

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circularity Indicators (2015)

Business activities and product tools developed for measuring circularity. Focuses on material circularity as a main indicator.

University of Cambridge Circular Economy Toolkit

Product focused online self-assessment tool for businesses provides guidance based on qualitative surveys.

Circle Economy Circle Assessment (2017)

Online tool for businesses, focuses on seven elements to improve organisational activities, and support the implementation of circular economy strategies at the company level.

Cradle to Cradle Certification

Product focused certification system utilising Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) by an accredited independent body.

Esistono molte altre serie di indicatori rilevanti per l´economia circolare, ma non esplicitamente etichettate come tali. Ciò include il lavoro intergovernativo dell´OCSE, dell´UNSD, dell´UNEP e dell´UNDP. Per una revisione più dettagliata degli indicatori di economia circolare consultare il rapporto del 2016: "report by the European Academies´" Science Advisory Council (EASAC).

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