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Emilia Romagna Region

Health Policies Department - Directorate General for Personal Care, Health and Welfare

Collective Prevention and Public Health Service

With the "Bathing water in Emilia-Romagna" website, Emilia-Romagna Region provides information set by Legislative Decree 116/2008, art. 15 to the public, in collaboration with all the entities listed below.


Arpae Emilia-Romagna

Arpae Prevention Area East Area headquarters of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini performs the sampling of bathing waters for the respective territories of competence (Provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini)

Arpae Sacca di Goro Unit - Oceanographic Structure Daphne samples bathing water for the Province of Ferrara.

Arpae Oceanographic Structure Daphne performs microbiological analyzes of all the stations on the Emilia-Romagna coast and monitors Ostreopsis ovata and Cyanobacteria.

Arpae (Information Systems Service, Communication Area, Environmental Prevention Area East Area of Rimini headquarters) manages the website on behalf of the Region, in collaboration with the other bodies involved.


Local Health Unit Agency

The Public Health Departments of the LHU Romagna Company (offices of Ravenna, Cesena and Rimini) and of the LHU Company of Ferrara propose to the Municipalities ordinances of precautionary, temporary and / or permanent prohibition of bathing to protect the health of bathers.



The 13 Municipalities of the Emilia-Romagna coast characterized by bathing waters adopt the ordinances of their competence in order to protect the health of bathers.


HERA Group S.p.A.

The Managing Body of the Integrated Water Service HERA S.p.A., through the Remote Control Room, ensures the real-time communication of the activation / deactivation information of the spillers provided for by the preventive management measures, adopted by some Municipalities, on the basis of the proposals of the USL Companies.