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English introduction

Who we are

Arpae is the Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy of Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Our key goals are controlling the state of the environment and supporting the sustainability of human activities, aiming at the protection of human health and territorial competitiveness.


Where we are

Area: 22,453 km2
Population: 4,448,146 (2016)

GDP: 9% of national GDP
(+22% of Italy average per capita GDP;
+17% of EU28 average per capita GDP)





Arpae´s activitiesEnvironmental control and surveillance
Arpae carries out interventions to monitor the compliance to environmental law and to assess the status of all environmental components (air quality, water, energy, radioactivity, waste, electromagnetic fields, enviromental toxicology, noise, asbestos, biodiversity, industrial risk etc.).

- 8 state of the environment monitoring and assessment systems
- 20 surveillance networks on electromagnetic fields, enviromental radioactivity, air quality, water quality (surface, underground, transition and sea waters), subsidence, Adriatic sea coast, hydrological and meteorological monitoring system.

Laboratory analysis
Arpae performs laboratory analysis of environmental samples, supports local health authorities for public health functions and provides lab services to private subjects.
Arpae lab network consists of 4 integrated labs and 4 specialized labs.

Authorizations and concessions
Arpae formulates technical opinions and provides authorizations and concessions in various areas: Integrated Environmental Authorization, single and sectoral environmental authorizations, waste management and contaminated sites remediation, energy, use of water resources and public property.





Total budget 2015: 74,228,588 €
(over 70% deriving from the Regional Health Fund)



Arpae Emilia-Romagna
Via Po 5 - 40139, Bologna, Italy
Email: urp@arpae.it
Certified email: dirgen@cert.arpa.emr.it